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Solutions, Period. specializes in providing project-oriented computer consultation services to small and mid-sized businesses and organizations.

A great deal of productivity can come from a project that costs less than ten thousand dollars. Not everyone needs a huge consulting firm and a project timeline measured in years to gain efficiencies from computer technology.

We believe that a computer consultant should focus on solving the business problem at hand, not on building the most technically complex system possible. The technology is the tool - not an end unto itself.

If you have a technology-based business problem, we have a solution, period. You will not have to listen to a lot of “geek-speak” about why something is "impossible". We believe in presenting the options, unknown factors, differences and implications in clear business terms, and implementing the solution that best meet your needs.

If you are a professional organization of two to fifty people and need to increase your productivity by automating processes or providing better information to your clients, let us know – we can help.

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